All You Need To Know About Publishing a Dissertation

Publishing a dissertation can be a herculean task, one thing is clear, a dissertation means an article you wrote yourself. It might not be a fresh idea but so far as you do the research and write it yourself then it is a dissertation.

This dissertation gives an evidence of the writer’s mastery on the topic written and helps show off the writer’s thought and knowledge based on the topic.

So when publishing your dissertation, you have to get it right from the onset. That is, it will help to think about publishing before starting your dissertation because it will help you channel your thoughts, and help you process what age bracket you are writing to. Also, it helps the writer have a style in the language used in order to meet your target audience.

These are ways that you can choose from if you have to publish a dissertation, they are listed below:

1. Publishing a dissertation in a book; In this, you have to choose if you want to publish the dissertation in a book and what it entails.

· You have to find an academic press which is interested in your dissertation and you can only find this by going to departments who are experts in the same field as your dissertation. This only depends on the quality of your dissertation so you have to make sure that it is of good quality.

· Submitting a dissertation means it going through further reviews and subsequent rewriting if necessary. Check out this youtube video for guidance:

2. Publishing a dissertation in a journal; There are many publishers whose job and area of expertise is to publish dissertations in journals so you have to consider this.

· Identify the journal that fits what you want to publish. You cannot publish an entertainment news in New York Stock Broker’s journal. Everything has its speciality so it should be followed completely.

· Find out the requirement of publishing in the journal.

· Find out if you can publish your whole dissertation or can it be done only in patches.

· Employ the services of a proofreader to edit your work before submitting it to the press.

· Submit it and wait for the review and approval.

· If successful, go ahead and publish but if not, inquire about another journal and move on. This youtube video will guide you:

3. Self Publishing; This involves people who might not want to do a lot of copies but just to share to family and friends. Note this, it might cost too much to self-publish. This youtube video will help you:

Academic journals often have limited audience which can often dull your morale but once it is accepted and published, it gives one a sense of accomplishment because attaining that height is not always easy in the academic world.

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